Quality & Logistic Hub

With our Quality & Logistic Hub we offer you logistic services for the delivery and provision of products at home and abroad. – We are your transshipment point in terms of quality and logistics!

In times of advancing globalization and dynamic markets, it is important to have a time and cost saving possibility for quality assurance and storage of your medical products. In addition to our main location in the south of Germany, we therefore rely on our companies in the USA and Brazil in order to offer you not only approvals but also logistical services. This enables us to offer our customers flexible logistics processes and to focus on their core competencies. In addition to storage, quality control and shipping, we collect returns and consolidate them according to your specifications.

… how we help you with your quality control and logistics:



At the beginning we discuss the framework and conditions of our cooperation and define responsibilities and communication rules. Together, we draw up a schedule that specifies when the first products will be tested in the Q&L Hub and how things will proceed afterwards. Here it is important for us to know with which suppliers the test phase begins, which products will be tested against which specifications and how the transport of the products from the supplier to MEDAGENT and from MEDAGENT to you will proceed.
Michael Großmann, Marketing Manager

2. Onboarding


In so-called onboarding, we prepare with your help for the first products to be tested. In this phase, we jointly define the product portfolio and the process flows for the test phase. You provide us with your test specifications, inform us about your test equipment and inform your suppliers accordingly.
Michael Großmann, Marketing Manager

3. Test Phase


As soon as the first test products are received in our MEDAGENT Q&L Hub, the entire process chain for the actual quality inspection is triggered: Incoming goods inspection, booking by the system, creation of the inspection plan based on your test specifications, inspection with desired test equipment, feedback of quality-conforming goods, consultation for non-conforming products, packaging, labeling as well as storage until the delivery date, shipment to the desired destination. We check the planned processes for their practical suitability and adapt them if necessary.
Michael Großmann, Marketing Manager

4. Daily Business


After successfully completing the test phase, we can move on to day-to-day business. As soon as the processes are running smoothly, further products from different suppliers are delivered and tested. We will regularly inform you about incoming goods, the status of the quality inspections and your stock levels.

In this way, you can optimize your international presence and use a well-known and reliable service provider as your partner.

Michael Großmann, Marketing Manager


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